10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out

10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out
10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out 6

Introduction to Online Thrift Stores in Canada

Online thrift stores have changed the way people in Canada and beyond shop for used clothing. These platforms offer a wide range of secondhand items, including clothes, accessories, and even home decor. The growing popularity of buying used clothes isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a shift towards sustainability. By giving gently worn items a new lease on life, online thrift stores help reduce waste and encourage eco-friendly fashion choices.

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There are many advantages to shopping at online thrift stores:

  1. Affordability: Secondhand clothing is often more budget-friendly than buying brand new items.
  2. Unique Finds: You never know what hidden gems you might discover while browsing through pre-owned pieces.
  3. Environmental Impact: Choosing to buy used instead of new helps reduce the demand for fast fashion and its harmful effects on the environment.

Whether you’re someone who loves fashion or is passionate about sustainable living, online thrift stores offer an exciting way to shop consciously.

1. GiveRise

10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out
10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out 7

GiveRise is a Canadian online thrift store that offers a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and home decor items. One of the key features of GiveRise is its mission to support local communities. By shopping at GiveRise, you not only get great deals on secondhand items but also contribute to a good cause.

Quality Assurance

GiveRise takes pride in curating items that are in excellent condition. They carefully inspect each piece to ensure it meets their high standards. Many customers have praised the quality of the items they received from GiveRise.

Special Offers for Canadian Customers

GiveRise also provides special discounts and free shipping for Canadian customers, making it even more affordable to shop at this online thrift store. Keep an eye out for these promotions to score some amazing deals.

Final Thoughts

Overall, GiveRise is a fantastic option for those looking for affordable and high-quality secondhand items while supporting local communities in Canada.

2. Wildthing Vintage

10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out
10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out 8

Wildthing Vintage is a Canadian online thrift store that specializes in curated vintage pieces and retro style. With a wide range of merchandise offered, from clothing to accessories, this store is a go-to destination for those seeking unique and one-of-a-kind fashion finds.

Carefully Selected Vintage Items

One of the key features of Wildthing Vintage is its dedication to providing customers with carefully selected vintage items. Each piece is chosen with great care to ensure it meets the store’s high standards for quality and style. This attention to detail means that shoppers can trust they are getting authentic vintage pieces that are in excellent condition.

Good Value for Customers

In terms of pricing, Wildthing Vintage offers good value for customers. The store understands the appeal of thrift shopping lies in finding affordable treasures, and they strive to keep their prices reasonable while still reflecting the value of the items. This makes it an ideal option for anyone looking to add some vintage flair to their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

International Shipping Options

For readers outside of Canada, it’s worth noting that Wildthing Vintage also offers international shipping options. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can indulge in their curated collection of vintage fashion and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Overall, Wildthing Vintage is a fantastic choice for those who appreciate the charm and nostalgia of vintage fashion. Their focus on curated pieces, reasonable pricing, and international shipping options make them a standout online thrift store in Canada.

3. Mama Loves You

10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out
10 Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada You Need to Check Out 9

Mama Loves You is a popular Canadian online thrift store that offers a wide range of trendy and contemporary clothing for all genders and body types. Here are some key features of Mama Loves You:

1. Range of merchandise

Mama Loves You provides a diverse selection of clothing items, including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and accessories. They carefully curate their collection to ensure that customers can find unique and fashionable pieces.

2. Inclusivity

One of the standout features of Mama Loves You is their commitment to size inclusivity. They offer a range of sizes to accommodate different body types, making it easier for everyone to find something that fits them perfectly.

3. Social and environmental initiatives

Mama Loves You takes pride in its efforts towards sustainability. They actively promote recycling and waste reduction by using eco-friendly packaging materials. Additionally, they prioritize ethical production practices by working with brands that share their values.

Mama Loves You stands out as a Canadian online thrift store that not only offers trendy clothing options for all genders and body types but also prioritizes social and environmental responsibility. Their commitment to inclusivity and sustainability makes them a great choice for conscious shoppers looking for fashionable thrifted pieces.

4. Goodwill Boutique

Goodwill Boutique is a Canadian online thrift store that offers a wide range of merchandise for budget-conscious shoppers. As a part of the well-known Goodwill organization, this store supports their charitable work through online sales. Here are some key features of Goodwill Boutique:

Affiliation with Goodwill

Goodwill Boutique is affiliated with the respected Goodwill organization, which has been providing employment and training opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment for over 80 years. By shopping at Goodwill Boutique, customers are not only getting great deals but also contributing to a worthy cause.

Range of Merchandise

Goodwill Boutique offers an extensive range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and home decor items. Whether you’re looking for stylish clothing for everyday wear or unique vintage pieces, you’ll find something to suit your taste at Goodwill Boutique.

Budget-friendly Options

One of the great things about Goodwill Boutique is that it caters to different budget levels. They offer a variety of items at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can find something within their price range. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget or simply looking for a good deal, Goodwill Boutique has options for you.

Thrift Store Shopping Myth

There’s a common misconception that shopping at thrift stores is only for people on tight budgets. However, this Reddit thread challenges that notion, with many participants discussing how even those who are well-off financially can benefit from thrifting. Goodwill Boutique, with its range of affordable and quality secondhand items, serves as a prime example of this. By shopping here, not only can you score amazing deals on unique merchandise but you can also feel good about supporting a charitable cause.

5. Turnabout Luxury

Turnabout Luxury is a Canadian online thrift store that caters to those with a taste for high-end designer brands and luxury items. With their focus on providing discounted prices, Turnabout Luxury allows fashion enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite labels without breaking the bank.

Key features of Turnabout Luxury include:

  1. Wide range of merchandise: From clothing and accessories to shoes and handbags, Turnabout Luxury offers a diverse selection of luxury fashion items for both men and women.
  2. Authenticity guarantee: One of the concerns when shopping for secondhand luxury items is their authenticity. Turnabout Luxury addresses this by providing an authenticity guarantee, ensuring that all their products are genuine.
  3. Return policy: To ensure customer satisfaction and trustworthiness, Turnabout Luxury offers a return policy that allows customers to return items within a specified timeframe if they are not completely satisfied.

With its commitment to offering luxury brands at affordable prices and its emphasis on authenticity and customer satisfaction, Turnabout Luxury is a top choice for those seeking high-end fashion pieces without the hefty price tag.

6. Love That Bag etc.

Love That Bag etc. is a Canadian online thrift store that specializes in pre-owned designer handbags, accessories, and jewelry. With a focus on luxury items, this store offers a range of merchandise from renowned brands at discounted prices. One key feature of Love That Bag etc. is their meticulous authentication process, ensuring that all items are genuine and of high quality.

In addition to their curated collection, Love That Bag etc. provides additional services for their customers. They offer professional cleaning and repair facilities, allowing customers to restore and maintain their pre-loved designer items. This attention to detail sets Love That Bag etc. apart and enhances the overall shopping experience for their customers.

With their commitment to authenticity and range of services, Love That Bag etc. is an excellent choice for those seeking high-end designer pieces at affordable prices.

7. My Luxury Closet

My Luxury Closet is a Canadian online thrift store that offers a curated selection of secondhand luxury fashion for women, men, and kids. With a focus on quality and style, this store ensures that all items are in excellent condition, with minimal signs of wear.

Key Features:

  • Curated selection: My Luxury Closet carefully curates their collection to offer only the best in luxury fashion. From designer clothing to accessories, you can find high-end pieces at discounted prices.
  • Quality control: The store has stringent quality control measures in place to guarantee the authenticity and condition of every item. This ensures that customers receive genuine luxury products that are in impeccable shape.
  • Range of merchandise: Whether you’re looking for a designer handbag, a pair of stylish shoes, or trendy clothing for your little ones, My Luxury Closet has a wide range of merchandise to choose from.

My Luxury Closet is the perfect online destination for those who want to indulge in luxury fashion without breaking the bank. By shopping at this online thrift store, you can score amazing deals on top-notch designer pieces while reducing your environmental impact.

8. Penny Arcade Vintage

Penny Arcade Vintage is a Canadian online thrift store with a strong commitment to sustainable practices. They are known for upcycling vintage fabrics into new designs and utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials. Their range of merchandise includes a variety of clothing options for different body types, and they emphasize size inclusivity by offering extended size options.

9. Chosen Vintage

Chosen Vintage is a popular Canadian online thrift store that stands out for its carefully selected, one-of-a-kind items with interesting histories. They specialize in finding unique products, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor, to create a diverse collection. What sets Chosen Vintage apart is their commitment to telling the stories behind each piece, making the shopping experience even more special. In terms of cost, this store offers great deals with competitive prices for their exclusive items.

10. The Knick Vintage

The Knick Vintage is a Canadian online thrift store that offers a diverse selection of vintage home decor, furniture, and collectibles, in addition to clothing. Here are some key features and highlights of The Knick Vintage:

1. Range of Merchandise Offered

The Knick Vintage stands out with its unique collection of vintage treasures. From retro furniture pieces to antique home decor items, this store has something for everyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their space. Their clothing selection includes curated vintage pieces that are both stylish and timeless.

2. Social and Environmental Initiatives

The Knick Vintage takes pride in giving back to the community and supporting local conservation projects. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations dedicated to preserving nature and wildlife.

With its wide range of vintage finds and commitment to social and environmental causes, The Knick Vintage is a must-visit online thrift store for anyone looking to add character and charm to their home or wardrobe.

Exploring the Thrift Culture in Canada

Canada has a thriving thrift culture, deeply rooted in the societal penchant for sustainable fashion and ethical consumption. The country’s love for secondhand style is not only a testament to its rich history but also a significant contributor to the global sustainable fashion movement.

The Thriving Thrift Scene: A Look into Canada’s Love for Secondhand Style

The art of thrifting has been ingrained in Canadian culture for decades, with thrift stores becoming more than just shopping destinations. They serve as hubs of community engagement, where individuals can find unique pieces while contributing to environmental conservation efforts. This cultural significance extends beyond mere economic transactions, embodying a shared commitment to ethical issues and the reduction of waste.

Brief history of thrifting and its cultural significance in Canada.

Thrift shopping plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable fashion by advocating for the reuse and recycling of clothing. It aligns with the growing awareness of ethical issues surrounding fast fashion, encouraging consumers to make environmentally conscious choices. As Canadians embrace thrift culture, they actively participate in shaping a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry, reflecting their dedication to ethical consumerism.

The Role of Thrift Shopping in Sustainable Fashion Movements

How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Thrift Store Experience

When it comes to thrift shopping online, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your experience. From understanding sizing and measurements to mastering search and filter functions, here’s how you can navigate the world of online thrift stores like a pro:

1. Understanding Sizing and Measurements for Accurate Purchases

One of the challenges of online shopping, especially for secondhand items, is ensuring that the clothing will fit you correctly. To overcome this hurdle, pay close attention to the provided measurements rather than relying solely on the labeled size. Take your own measurements and compare them to the item’s measurements for a more accurate fit.

2. Mastering the Art of Search and Filter Functions

Online thrift stores often have a vast selection of items, so it’s important to know how to narrow down your search efficiently. Take advantage of search bar keywords and utilize filters such as size, color, brand, and price range. This will help you find exactly what you’re looking for and save time scrolling through irrelevant items.

3. Reading Item Descriptions Carefully

Item descriptions can provide valuable information about the condition, material, and any flaws or unique features of an item. Make sure to read these descriptions thoroughly before making a purchase. Look out for keywords like “new with tags,” “like new,” or “gently worn” to gauge the condition of the item.

4. Examining Photos in Detail

Photos are your window into the item’s appearance, so be sure to examine them closely. Look for multiple angles, clear images, and close-ups of any details or potential flaws. If you need more information or additional photos, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller or customer support.

5. Checking Return Policies and Authenticity Guarantees

Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the store’s return policy and authenticity guarantees. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you can return an item if it doesn’t meet your expectations or if there are any authenticity concerns.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can enhance your online thrift store experience and increase your chances of finding unique and affordable treasures. Happy thrifting!

The Future of Thrift: Innovation and Challenges in the Digital Age

Technology is constantly evolving, and this has a significant impact on various sectors, including the thrift industry. Online thrift stores are quick to adopt these new technologies to improve their services and provide a better experience for their customers. However, there are also obstacles related to sustainability that must be addressed before thrift stores can become widely accepted.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): These technologies have the potential to completely transform online shopping by creating a more immersive experience. For example, you could virtually try on clothes or see how furniture would look in your home before making a purchase decision.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI): By using AI algorithms, online thrift stores can offer personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and browsing history. This makes it easier for customers to discover unique items that match their style.
  3. Mobile Apps: With the increasing use of smartphones, many thrift stores are developing mobile apps that allow customers to shop conveniently on-the-go. These apps often provide features like saved searches, push notifications for new arrivals, and easy checkout options.
  4. Blockchain Technology: Blockchain has the potential to increase transparency in the thrift industry by creating a secure and unchangeable record of every transaction. This can help build trust between buyers and sellers, especially when purchasing high-value luxury items.

Sustainability Obstacles to Overcome for Thrift Stores Going Mainstream

  1. Fast Fashion Culture: The rise of fast fashion has led to a culture where clothing is seen as disposable, with garments being thrown away after only being worn a few times. To combat this issue, online thrift stores need to educate consumers about the environmental impact of fast fashion and highlight the value of buying secondhand clothing as a sustainable alternative.
  2. Logistics and Packaging: As online thrift stores become more popular, there is a growing need for efficient logistics and sustainable packaging solutions. Thrift stores should explore using eco-friendly shipping materials and work towards reducing their carbon footprint.
  3. Quality Control: Ensuring the quality of secondhand items can be challenging, as signs of wear and tear are inevitable. Online thrift stores must invest in strict quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust.

Technology is transforming the thrift industry, with emerging trends like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain shaping the online thrift landscape. However, there are sustainability challenges such as fast fashion culture, logistics, packaging, and quality control that must be addressed for online thrift stores to become mainstream. By embracing innovation and finding solutions to these obstacles, the future of thrift looks promising in the digital age.


Embrace online thrift shopping as a sustainable and stylish choice for Canadians, with the recommended stores in mind.

Each featured online thrift store in Canada has its unique appeal, catering to different preferences and styles. Whether you’re looking for curated vintage pieces, high-end designer brands, or sustainable fashion, there’s a store that suits your needs.

Remember, by choosing online thrift stores, you not only contribute to sustainable fashion but also embrace individuality through unique finds. Happy thrifting!

The future of fashion is in your hands—make it stylish and sustainable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are online thrift stores and how do they work?

Online thrift stores are platforms where individuals can buy and sell secondhand clothing and other items. They work by allowing users to list their pre-owned items for sale, and buyers can browse the listings, make purchases, and have the items shipped to them.

Why is secondhand clothing growing in popularity in Canada and worldwide?

Secondhand clothing is becoming increasingly popular in Canada and worldwide due to its contribution to sustainable fashion. By reusing and recycling clothing, it helps reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion and promotes a more eco-friendly approach to style.

What are the benefits of shopping at online thrift stores?

Shopping at online thrift stores offers several benefits, including affordability, the opportunity to find unique and one-of-a-kind items, and the ability to support sustainable fashion practices by giving new life to pre-owned clothing.

What is the mission of GiveRise, a Canadian online thrift store?

GiveRise’s mission is to support local communities through its online thrift store platform. The store aims to provide a range of merchandise while also contributing to community development initiatives.

What special discounts or free shipping offers are available for Canadian customers at GiveRise?

GiveRise may offer special discounts or free shipping offers for Canadian customers as part of their promotions. Customers are encouraged to check the store’s website or promotional materials for current offers.

What is Wildthing Vintage’s focus when it comes to merchandise offered?

Wildthing Vintage focuses on curated vintage pieces and retro style items. The store aims to provide customers with a unique selection of pre-owned clothing that captures the essence of past eras.

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